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The Client:

A major oil and gas company headquartered in Texas wanting a pipeline Right of Way (ROW) inspection and a leakage survey of it’s midstream operations located in the Marcellus Shale Pennsylvania territory.

Client Challenge & Objective:

he Client had several hundred miles of transmission lines in a remote area with severe weather conditions and a challenging quick turn-around time requirement for a full ROW inspection and pressure test leak survey. Weather conditions that included fog, snow, and rain complicated the survey considerably so Leak Finder counseled and coordinated a survey with transmission representatives to ensure the best results and safety in the most reasonable turnaround.

Leak Finder Solution:

Utilizing a top-quality Bell 407 aircraft equipped with infrared technology to survey transmission lines, Leak Finder successfully delivered reporting that enabled client to respond quickly to changes in its business climate. This included careful analysis to ensure risk assessment was done fully in all areas building key redundancy communications equipment and support staff to guarantee the safety of all involved while meeting aggressive reporting/completion milestones. As needed, Leak Finder thwarted risk with mission critical “grounding” and reassignment of project tasks to effectively manage risks and deliver accurate reporting on time and within budget.

Client Results & Impact:

Inspection and evaluations identified several issues that were recorded on video and reported with critical details to the Client. Leak Finder was commended by the client for its ability to complete the mission given the challenging parameters and circumstances without compromising safety and utilizing robust fail-safe measures and methods.