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The Client:

A leading Midwest steel manufacturer and supplier to automotive and aerospace sectors using large volumes of city water for process equipment and general usage.


Portions of its operations were shut down that were consuming large amounts of city water for industrial process cooling yet only negligible usage drops were seen and no signs of water surfacing from supply lines. Pressure tests confirmed large losses.

Client Challenge & Objective:

The Client was unsuccessful employing ultrasonic testing due to the frequency of resonance generated by the leakage and after months of exploratory excavations confirmed only that multiple underground sewers were transporting leaking water away from leakage points. Leak Finder was asked to perform subsurface acoustic emission testing and helium leak testing to confirm the source leak locations. Working conditions and lost of continuity in operational efficiencies due to desperate measures taken while attempting troubleshooting had created a high-stakes need for remedy to ensure financial, operational and cultural restoration.

Leak Finder Solution:

Leak detection and verification studies utilizing subsurface sound monitoring equipment and helium leak detection was utilized to most accurately pinpoint leaks in areas around fire hydrants, valves and sleeves with fast-track concurrent teams.

Client Results & Impact:

Error-free excavation repairs were immediately planned and orchestrated based on Leak Finder quick-response efforts. The Client sent a gracious thank you letter stating that Leak Finder provided “expert counsel, high-accuracy reporting and ultra- proactive service well above any best case scenario expectations” and estimating savings in excess of $100,000 per year.