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The Client:

 An industry leading grey iron and ductile iron foundry manufacturing high quality cast, machined, and assembled components for the transportation and industrial markets.


While performing ultrasonic leak detection of compressed air systems, Leak Finder was asked to evaluate an electrical substation for problems that had caused significant downtime due to equipment failure.

Client Challenge & Objective:

The Client wanted to utilize infrared thermography to evaluate critical systems but had limited internal resources.

Leak Finder Solution:

Leak Finder surveyed electrical substations for thermal variation utilizing infrared thermography and identified a faulty component at high-risk of failure and costs associated. Leak Finder gave immediate notice and follow-on help including:

  • Performed fast-turnaround infrared thermographic inspection eliminating the need for additional consulting procurement;
  • Advised the client of the severity of the issue with detailed reporting;
  • Assisted in the coordination of repairs with local utility company and plant maintenance personnel.

Client Results & Impact:

The main substation “B” phase fuse cut-out bottom fuse assembly had burnt and was in danger of failure. The substation fuse was replaced during a downturn. Leak Finders identification of the problem saved the client thousands of dollars of downtime and response costs as well as the untold hardships that come in crisis-mode. Similar losses had resulted in over $100,000.00 in downtime according to the client.