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The Client:

A multinational integrated steel company manufacturing residential and commercial construction building materials.


The Client had metering systems in place that appeared to indicate large industrial gas losses.

Client Challenge & Objective:

The facility utilized argon, nitrogen, compressed air, and natural gas piping delivery systems that ran through challenging spaces often surrounded by component/building obstructions and at elevations that were in excess of one hundred feet (100’) above ground floor. The systems could not be accessed by typical mobile aerial lift equipment so traditional Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods employed by its in-house reliability team were not an option. Leak Finder’s objective was to develop a leak detection strategy that could be performed from a distance on walking surfaces that were at a considerable distance from potential leak points.

Leak Finder Solution:

Leak Finder utilized passive infrared thermography equipment with long range telescopic lens to detect and record natural gas leaks and employed airborne ultrasound and acoustic emission equipment to identify other industrial gas leakage and system defects.

Client Results & Impact:

The two-day evaluation resulted in the identification of large natural gas leaks in dresser fittings, valves, and piping systems that when repaired saved the client over $500,000.00 per year in gas usage. Nitrogen and compressed air leaks that were identified and subsequently repaired saved the client over $250,000.00 per year.