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The Client:

A major oil and gas company headquartered in Colorado with operations in California territories.


Recent California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations required measurement and reporting of compressor venting at various modes of operation/isolation by the end of the year.

Client Challenge & Objective:

The new regulatory rules and methods were challenging to understand and implement given a large variation in different units and hybrid systems. The compressors subject to the regulation were rented from numerous third-party vendors and various levels of responsibilities, expertise, geographical, and logistical aspects/boundaries made planning and execution rather complex. The compressor sites were in rural and secluded areas often a significant distance apart and gated.

Leak Finder Solution:

Leak Finder and the Client collaborated to work through the challenging areas of the CARB standards and methods utilizing direct contact with the method development expert who wrote the regulation. Listing all the tasks, estimated timing of tasks, and needed experts was detailed with the various groups so a “leap-frog” approach could be implemented. The site order and visits were optimized so preparation, measurements, wrap-up work was sequenced with split teams going ahead and staying behind with alternating groups. This was highly coordinated with signaling of teams ahead and behind for efficiency.

Client Results & Impact:

Leak Finder’s plan maximized performance and minimized costs by dividing up the various needs systematically and phasing the work with staggered schedules and detailed check lists so each discipline was on site only once with only one opening and closing. All data was accurately captured in methods explicitly approved by the CARB office, the Client is the first to report in California ahead of schedule, and Leak Finder has recently gotten involved in other compliance reporting areas for the Client.