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Leak Finder® is an innovative leader in predictive maintenance and non-destructive integrity evaluation services for clients throughout the world with repair and monitoring programs to effectively fix and upgrade mechanical and transmission systems.  From small start-ups and municipalities, to huge power generation, manufacturing, mining, and development organizations; our technology and processes lead the industry in discovery of energy savings and efficiencies while increasing occupational safety and environmental health conditions.

Our technical know-how, proprietary methods, and state-of-the-art technology developed over years of refinement ensures the most comprehensive “deep-dive” detection results and effective resolve.  Year after year, clients use us in operations around the globe and refer us due to our professional standards, responsiveness, and uniques skills.

Dedicated teams provide counsel on the “full-picture” regarding impact and options so that solutions are right-sized and executed best for each client’s particular objectives and situation.  Our credibility in the industry and markets we serve is a result of our deeper ability in:

  • rapid discovery in energy savings and efficiency gains with short payback time-frames;
  • solutions in mitigating risk and exposure hazards to protect people, property, and public factors;
  • compliance reporting and reduction of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions for environmental preservation;
  • trouble-shooting utilities and power issues of various systems/sources with repair and/or re-engineering as needed.

Many companies still perform their own trouble-shooting, leak detection, and energy evaluations with traditional methods that unfortunately can easily overlook and misdiagnose.  Manufacturing, mining, power/energy, and commercial companies from those in Engineering, Transmissions, Energy, Integrity, and Maintenance to the VPs and CEO’s, know that we have the tools, talent, and know-how to deliver value and performance with speed.