Our Mission

To save money for our clients while improving their occupational safety and environmental health conditions with the best benefit-to-cost value in the business.  To deliver top-quality surveys and mechanical services as a trusted expert and valued consultant making the risk of fire, inhalation exposure, asset damage, and explosion hazards as well as the decreasing of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions and saving of energy; simple and smart business through our proficiency.

Our Values

Customer Service

Our process of collaboratively setting goals, creatively resolving issues, and applying best practices at all times serves our customers best.  We believe that mutually beneficial long-term relationships are built on a foundation of trust, responsive attention, strategic colaboration, and caring communication.


We believe that profit is the life-blood of our business in that it enables growth for all stakeholders: employees, owners, and customers, by providing the resources and security that facilitates innovation, security, and performance that is in-step with driving long-term value for our clients.

Productivity Through People

We are committed to making the knowledge and information gained from every experience a part of a corporate canon that is used to address present and future challenges effectively.  Our investments in people, technology, and systems are designed to optimize the efforts of our employees.

“We regard families, employees, customers, vendors, and owners as valuable contributors to our team.  Our team prizes justice, caring, reliability, loyalty, honesty, respect, responsibility, accountability, and commitment.  We represent our team honorably in our business dealings.”


 Growth & Innovation

We anticipate and accommodate the needs of our industry through the strategic relationships we cultivate, and we embrace the skills and technologies that enable us to provide valuable service for the long term.