Using the Best Techniques to Find Leaks &
Repair Them Effectively With Cost-Priority

“Leak Finder’s superior technology, know-how and reporting from real pros simply drives unparalleled savings and risk mitigation” 

-  Top US Automaker Client

Leak Finder is an industry leader in non-destructive leak detection and predictive maintenance services with repair and monitoring programs serving both private and public sectors.  From small start-ups and municipalities, to huge multinationals, government branches, and international urban developers; Leak Finder is a trusted advisor and solutions expert on thousands of sites demanding peak performance throughout the world, 365 days a year.

Whether natural gas, petroleum, industrial gas, emissions, methane emissions, sewer, water, steam, compressed air, or electrical; Leak Finder can find the savings in your systems, provide the analytical data with evidence-based advisement you deserve, and execute the best action, change, and/or repairs needed.  We care about our client’s and look to solve their immediate needs with consideration given to their constraints and long term goals.  This approach allows us to attain a high benefit-to-cost value and is a lot of what has made us so successful.

The work we perform has highly-condensed payback schedules with perpetual ROI year over year in savings, but also improves worker safety, asset protection, operational image, and sustainability of our client’s and planet’s systems.