Leak Finder has broad experience with providing NDT consulting services in the public sector and we have experience ranging from expert witness related to causes and origin, catastrophic loss, and process failure analyses. Subsurface water pipelines are evaluated utilizing using leak noise correlation to pinpoint seepages in all types of water and fluid pipes including plastic. Building envelopes and other structures are evaluated using acoustic emissions, infrared thermography, and engineering evaluation.

Water Pipeline
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Metal pipes, particularly iron mains between 6 inches and 12 inches, copper services, and steel pipes transmit the sounds of water leaks for hundreds of feet in every direction. Since the sounds travel on the pipe walls better than through the soil, we listen at the hydrants, valves, and meters first to narrow our search for leakage and provide clients with “Water Leak Pinpointing.”

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Building diagnostics services are critical to the successful resolution of building construction problems. Technological advancements and declining expertise in the construction work force have resulted in multiple problems that lead to water intrusion. Some of the key problems are sealants, flashings, poor application and choice of materials, and bad detailing in the design of the building. and one mistake in a small detail can lead to significant problems with water intrusion. Our team of engineers and scientists are available to provide forensic water intrusion evaluations throughout North America.